Annie’s Grannies

Annie's Grannies

We were sent Annie’s Grannies to review, which was aimed squarely at my two youngest’s age group (4 & 5).

The Annie’s Grannies synopsis is as follows:

Annie is a normal 10 year old girl. Her parents often go away to do boring work things, which means she gets to spend lots of time with her hopeless grannies. They’re always up to something and it never quite goes the way it’s supposed to. The most simple of things become complicated in their hands and the consequences are hilarious. Today they’re painting and decorating… …what could possibly go wrong!

Annie's Grannies

Annie’s Grannies is told in rhyme with colourful pics on every page. My kids seemed especially amused by the moments when the grown ups fell over. It’s pretty much slapstick humour throughout.

Annie's Grannies

The story has a lot of heart. My kids liked the tale and the mess that was made throughout the house. They’ll be happy to know that there appears to be another five Annie’s Grannies books on the way!

Annie’s Grannies is written by stay-at-home dad Darron Love and is available from Amazon for just £5!

Annie's Grannies

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