Barbecue Party

Kids love pretending to be grown-ups, which is ironic because Dads usually act like big kids. Never is this more obvious than when Dad gets to cook on a BBQ.

It’s the fire. It’s getting to cook on an open fire. And cooking meat! Nothing more manly than cooking meat on an open flame.

Barbecue Party from Drumond Park (link, rrp £19.99, age 4+) is therefore an attractive prospect for kids. It’s a classic pick-up-the-item-without-setting-it-off game with a BBQ theme.

Barbecue Party

As the chef, each child takes turns drawing cards and either putting the corresponding items on to the BBQ, or taking it off. The big, colourful BBQ in question, however, is awful nervy and is prepared to eject all the food at the slightest touch.

I love these games! Jenny and Eve look genuinely wide-eyed and thrilled at the idea of getting a shock when the BBQ throws the food in the air.

The parts are top quality. You get to put the googly eye stickers on the food which makes it quite comical. It looks great. The food is very colourful and the main BBQ is sturdy enough to last.

Barbecue Party

A good test is this. What does a child say when the game is finished? In this case, both the girls reaction was “can we play it again?”! That says it all.

Drumond Park’s Barbecue Party is available from all good toy stores.

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