Crazy Claw

Crazy Claw

Crazy Claw (Drumond Park, rrp £22.99) is a frenetic game for 2-4 players, age 5 and over.

Crazy ClawYou know those arcade machines that you see where you put in a couple of quid and a limp claw tries poorly to grab onto a cheap teddy? Luckily this is nothing like that. (When Jack was young, he christened those machines ‘money stealers’. He wasn’t wrong.)

Instead, this is an all-action game which tests dexterity and memory. It’s also a lot of fun!

There’s a little toy construction to be carried out before you can play. This wasn’t too bad as I got the kids to help out by putting the stickers on. The parts are all brightly coloured, durable and easily fit together to make the game.

Crazy Claw Crazy Claw

And now you’re ready to play! Each player gets a card with three toys pictured on it.

Crazy Claw

There are toy tokens hidden inside the coloured balls. Reach in with the claw, match the three on your card and you’ve nailed it! Well, there is an obstacle. While you’re reaching in with the claw, your opponents take their turn to hammer down on the paddles, the result of which is to send the balls flying about the box!

Crazy Claw Crazy Claw

Eve and Jenny thought it was great fun! The rules aren’t complex, so they picked it up in no time. They loved both using the claw and paddling away to make it difficult for the other players to grab the ball they wanted!

Crazy Claw Crazy Claw

This game is utter mayhem! The kids loved the mad panic of the balls flying about. It’s a game where there is no advantage in being an adult, so the young ones had just as much chance of winning (which they did)! They loved it!

Drumond Park’s Crazy Claw is available from all good toy stores.

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