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Logo Lite (rrp £19.99, ages 12+ for 2-4 players), from Drumond Park Games, is a quiz/board game based on, as the name suggests, logos and knowledge of famous household companies & products. It’s the latest addition to the popular and successful range of Logo board games. If you have ever reminisced about old TV adverts (“Hope it’s chips, it’s chips” or “it’s too orangey for crows – it’s just for me and my dog”) then this is the game for you.

The game comes with a spinner / board combo, the questions & some counters. The instructions are pretty simple. Each card has four questions, which can be about a picture, a topic or pot luck. When it’s your turn to answer, a right answer will get you a spin. If the spinner lands on a colour counter, you put a counter of that colour on your part of the board. Once you’ve got all the colours, you win!logolite01

There are four questions on each card. The cards can either be used in Logo Lite, or used as extra cards for the original Logo game.

The game is pretty quick. We managed three games of this in one sitting. There is an element of luck to it, because of the spinner. Players quite often got all four questions on a card correct, but only got one counter because the spinner kept landing on colours which they already had (you only get one counter of each of the six colours). It added a random element to the game, which I liked. It mixed things up a bit.

Here’s an example of a pot luck card:


logoboxThe game is recommended for people of age 12 and over. Obviously, being 12 might be a bit young to get many of the adverts & products that some of the questions refer to. Having said that, some of the questions were also really up to date, leaving me a little stumped! This is where the random element of the spinner is beneficial. It evens out the playing field.

One minor, cosmetic criticism relates to the counter colours. Under the warm living room light, the brown and red counters looked very similar. The cry “was that brown or red” was heard frequently.

The box looks great and the whole thing is small enough that it could be taken on holiday. The game is fun and takes no time at all to set up. A definite worthy additional to any family games collection!

Logo Lite is made by Drumond Park Games. For stockists and to play games on line, visit www.drumondpark.com

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