Pop! is a kid’s book written to explain the history of pop music, what it does and what it means to people. I was sent a copy to review.

A note for adults at the beginning explains that the book is intended as a tribute to everyone involved in producing pop music.
It goes into the birth of pop music in the 50’s, explains about different pop styles, instruments and personalities.


I read it to Jenny (4) and Eve (3). They know a fair bit about music already. Jenny loves dancing and wants to go to classes!

popbook-jennydanceThe girls enjoyed the book although I felt that some of the language used was maybe a little advanced for their age. (How many three years olds would know what you mean if you started talking about the ‘1950s’ ?) It’s probably more suitable for kids who are a little older.

The illustrations throughout the book are clear enough for you to identify who the pop stars are. I spotted Slash, Hendrix, Maurice Gibb, Kraftwerk and even Frank Zappa in there!


Jenny and Eve paid attention throughout. It clearly captured their imaginations. Eve says “I like it” and Jenny said “Pop music’s fun”!

Pop! is available from Fisherton Press, RRP £6.99. This link also has some Pop! book colouring-in sheets for free.

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