Randomise (Age 8+, rrp £9.99) is a simple game with a lot of potential for laughs.


The premise is simple. A random selection from the game cards will give you a funny thing to draw, act or describe to your team-mates. Get it within the time limits and you get points and could be the Randomise victor!


If it sounds like a combination of Charades, Pictionary and Articulate, that’s because it is. The box contains a pack of colourful cards which get sorted into three packs, A, B & C. Each card has two sections – easy and hard. The A cards have an adjective, B has the subject of the description and C has their activity.



So if the opposing team tells you to pick numbers 3, 1 and 2 then you have to describe, act out or draw a Giant Owl Squeezing A Spot.


Six of us tried out this game, from age 10 to 60. After going through the rules, the game flowed nicely. It’s not a difficult set of rules to pick up.

Everybody was laughing throughout. It was hilarious watching someone trying to act out a sad shark juggling some balls or draw a scared nun climbing a tree.

The cards themselves are sturdy and will last. They even include some blank cards in case you want to add your own description. ie Tired, Mummy and Waving Down A Fire Engine could be possibilities. It’s up to you.

The people behind Randomise have said that their aim is to make people laugh and I think they’ve nailed it. It’s straightforward and it’s a load of fun. A brilliant game!

Randomise can be found on Amazon, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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